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  • It is our responsibility to deliver your goods in the same condition as when we collected them.


  • Any damage should be reported to us within 7 working days, in order for us to investigate and if needed process an insurance claim.



  • Unless agreed before hand we will not : dismantle or assemble any furniture, appliances, fixtures, fitting or equipment.


  • You will be present or represented during collection and delivery.



  • All refrigerators and freezers will be empty, properly defrosted and clean.


  • Items that we will not remove under any circumstances : Prohibited or stolen goods, drugs, pornographic material, potentially dangerous or explosive items, including gas bottles, paints, aerosols, fire arms and ammunition. Plants, animals birds or fish. Any goods that require a special licence to ship. If we unknowingly ship any of the above, you will be liable for any charges, expenses and legal costs we incur.



  • We will only transport the following items if agreed in writing by us before the transport date : Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious metals and stone, money, deeds, stamps, coins or similar items. 


  • We will keep you informed of any changes to collection or delivery times, times may vary depending on situations outside of our control, ferry delays or traffic problems. We will always try our best to be with you at the time we quote.



  • Payment will be required by clear funds in advance of the removal or cash on delivery. You may not withhold any part of the agreed price.


  • Cancelation or postponed transportation, will still be charged if a ferry has been booked.



  • You will ensure that all your items are wrapped securely and labelled clearly, for your safety and peace of mind.


  • All loads are calculated by their size in cubic metres (m3) and weight in kilograms. Maximum load size is 16m3 plus roof rack. Maximum weight 1500kg. A limit is in place of 50kg per m3, any loads greater will be charged at £2 per kg over the limit. This is to enable us to comply with the law and avoid huge roadside fines.
Terms and Conditions
  • All motorcycles must have a photocopy of the documents, to prove ownership for customs.


  • We are fully insured with Provego to the value of £10,000.


  • Insurance documents are available on request.


·  Our insurance does NOT cover : ‘Damage arising as a result of packing which was inadequate to withstand normal handling during transit’. 

·   Importantinsurance condition : 

‘any item of Property exceeds £500 in value then We will not pay a claim for Damage to such items unless You have obtained a valued inventory of all items over £500 signed by the owner of the Property.’ 

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